san francisco   december 14san francisco december 14

pick of this 14 team draftpick of this 14 team draft

the 14 teams dont make thethe 14 teams dont make the

draft order is random anddraft order is random and

the draft order of the 14the draft order of the 14

the draft order is determinedthe draft order is determined

pick in a 14 team fantasypick in a 14 team fantasy

each team creator did not knoweach team creator did not know

random independence baseballrandom independence baseball

brawlers team draftbrawlers team draft

what is the order that we arewhat is the order that we are

the draft order will be randomthe draft order will be random

and the random draft orderand the random draft order

thats a relatively high draftthats a relatively high draft

in order to get a sense of thein order to get a sense of the

since non lottery draft ordersince non lottery draft order

determining draft orderdetermining draft order

random draftrandom draft

the order of the teams inthe order of the teams in

next years draft ordernext years draft order

random draft thoughtsrandom draft thoughts



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